The flagman of 4Motus products line - an electric bike/motorcycle hybrid stands out of the crowd by its subtly aggresive design. Having both the pedals and an electric motor, this hybrid is not only made for the fans of conventional bicycles, but also for the ones who prefer the motor doing the hard work for them. It makes it easier for those who like to pedal but often run into mountainous roads, and it will also exceed expectations of the ones seeking adrenaline by choosing a powerful configuration. We believe that everyone should feel the silent power of an electric motor!


A wide range of configurations can be chosen from, suiting the driving style and preferences of everyone (refer to the specification). By choosing a less powerful configuration the weight and maximum speed of the hybrid decreases, making it more similar to a bicycle. However, by opting for a more powerful one, the weight, range and maximum speed increases making it comparable to a motorcycle. There are also a variety of electric motors to choose from that will directly influence the delivered power in both cases. Regenerative braking system (charging the batteries while braking), which greatly increases the range is a standard feature that is included in all the configurations.


The hybrid features an integrated charger, thus it can be quickly and easily charged anywhere where there is a mains socket available. Furthermore, while pedaling some of the energy can be used to slowly recharge the batteries.



Speed:  25 - 120 km/h*
Autonomously driven distance: 30 - 200 km*
Weight: 25 - 55 kg*
Power: 0.25 - 15 kW*
Charging time: 0.5 - 2 h*
Battery charge / discharge cycle count                               >1000 cycles

*Depending on the ordered configuration


























Commute to work, do the shopping runs or even take it with yourself to a trip and just enjoy the ride - 4Motus manufactured foldable electric scooter is exceptionally suited for all of these tasks while being incredibly easy to use. The scooter can be quickly folded into a shape that is easy to transport in a car and to carry when required. Whilst folded, it can also be effortlessly pulled behind just as a typical suitcase with wheels. The scooter also features an integrated charger so it can be recharged anywhere where there is a mains socket available. This makes it especially suited for commuting to work as it can be recharged during the working hours if needed.


An optional removable seat increases the riding comfort in the long runs. Relatively large diameter wheels have plenty of cushions resulting in a smooth and soft ride. Both the handlebar and the optional seat heights can be adjusted to fit anyone's height.




Speed:  25 km/h
Autonomously driven distance: 45km
Weight: 9.8 kg
Power: 250 W
Charging time: 2 h
Battery charge / discharge cycle count                               >1000 cycles